2009 Gallery

This page celebrates the first year of Sustainable Living Project.  Not all of the images actually made it into posts – for example the common blue butterfly was taken two days after I’d written about butterflies and so never made it in – other pictures such as the autumn hogweed are ghosts of good intentions, that was meant to be a post about saving seed which I just never got round to!  Hope you enjoy it, if not forgive me the indulgence!

Early morning mist at Sustainable Living Project

Early morning mist.  Definitely one of my favourites!


The wild roses were magnificent on the canal this year (they all had black spot by the way but somehow this doesn’t seem to matter in the wild) but the real treat came in late summer with the display of hips – my challenge this year is to make use of these.

If there’s one thing I’ve loved this year it’s been bee watching!

redtail bumble bee

Look at the pollen sacks on this honey bee visiting the greater willow herb.  Go here for more bee posts.bees knees

Butterflies were another great joy, here’s the common blue (you can only see the underside of wings here I promise the topside was a lovely shade of blue!)  See the full butterfly post here.

common blue on grass

Throughout the spring and summer months there is an abundance of beautiful wild flowers here, the poor old hogweed was definitely the ugly sister of them all until autumn and winter waved their magic wands and transformed them into princesses!


snowy hogweedOk, I’d better stop there.  Here’s to another year blogging and snapping.  Who knows I may get around to reading the camera instructions!

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