About Me

Hi, my name is Goo!  That’s not a picture of me, it’s a bee but it’s much better looking than me.  So why the Sustainable Living Project?

Some years ago now, I watched a programme about the dangers of breast feeding.  Yes, you read that right!  It showed you all these lovely Mums unloading their toxic burdens, via breast milk, into their babies.  Were these women living in some post-apocalyptic, undemocratic society on run down estates where sinister corporations and dubious authorities were  secretly dumping toxic waste? 

Er, no they were living in nice clean houses and eating their five a day.  They were well-off people living in Britain.  Nevertheless, their nice clean houses, their shampoos and cosmetics, and their five-a-day were smothered in toxic chemicals, which build up over time in fatty tissues, such as breast milk.  That programme was way off the mark and had me hopping mad, breast feeding wasn’t the problem toxic chemicals were.  And if these chemicals were already having a negative impact upon human life what had they done to the small things, like this lovely bee? 

I made a resolution then to rid my home of chemicals as far as I could.  But one thing leads to another, if you question one aspect of the way you live then you start to question others.  This then is the seed of the Sustainable Living Project.  I am trying, not always succeeding, to live a more sustainable life that will not impact negatively upon all the small things upon which we rely, or other people around the world who often have very few choices about how they live and without impacting negatively on the lives of future generations.

Sometimes I haven’t found things easy, habits after all have to be broken.  Other aspects of the project have been very rewarding, I’ve felt a much closer connection to the ‘small things’ , yes even the micro-organisms doing their very important stuff in my compost bins.  I was given a camera, just a point and shoot job, nothing fancy but good enough to record my progress.  I’m fortunate to live in a very beautiful part of the country which is still rich in wild life and capturing bees and butterflies (digitally of course) has been a completely new and rewarding departure in this more sustainable life.  I have also grown and eaten lots of healthy, non-toxic fruit and veg, which has given me a far deeper understanding of just how precious food is, something we may have lost sight of in our cheap and overabundant supermarkets, and it has given me an insight into the give and take that is necessary for sustainable life on this earth.

I think this veined white butterfly on the devil’s bit scabious is probably one of my favourite pictures to date, I hope you enjoy this site and find something to inspire you.

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