New Look at Sustainable Living Project

Here is a picture of Willow trying not to get her feet wet, the towpath has pretty much reverted to its winter state.  I’ve never known a dog who is so fussy about her feet.  I’ve had to clip her claws this week as well, so now she’s really not talking to me. Boggy towpath at Sustainable Living Project Thanks to the wet weather I’ve had rather more time than expected to play around with this site and make some long overdue changes.   The rather fetching bloke frolicking in the field in his underpants makes a change from cows and sheep, he is clearly very free range and I’m sure organically reared! 

Besides frolicking men however (Gossypium do rather nice stuff for women and children too by the way) I thought it was high time I included a blogroll.  At least we can keep our feet dry when exploring the web. These are some of my favourite places to visit currently and I’m sure I’ll be adding to the list.

First up is A Self Sufficient Life.  I take my hat off to Mr and Mrs Dirtyboots, I don’t know how they find time to do all the stuff they do and then write about it aswell, even their three dogs have a blog!  Well worth a visit for lots of ideas, recipes and pointers. 

I visit The  Birds In the Meadow just to drink in the beautiful nature photography.  Bird takes fantastic pictures often accompanied by thoughtful and lucid prose.  She makes nice stuff too.  I wish I was that clever!

When I first started this blog I made a deliberate and conscious decision to try and keep things light-hearted.  My reasons for doing this were largely based upon the notion there is no need to preach to the converted but every need not to alienate everybody else.  A sustainable future necessarily has to involve everybody.  If you find my ‘eco-topia’ approach a little unrealistic and sacharrine a visit to Environment Chaos is probably the antidote.  This site deserves a wider audience.

Focus Organic is one of my favourite sites for having a peep at what’s going on over the pond.  It is a gateway to all manner of fascinating blogs and articles.  Sephanie is a lovely lady to deal with who works really hard at promoting eco-sites, go visit and take your blog with you!  

Forum for the Future is probably already well known to many of you.  It examines issues of sustainability from a broader perspective and I feel offers a realistic basis for business initiatives and  for policy making at local, national and international levels.  I am never bored by a visit here.

Mrs Green is another energetic blogger to say the least.  Little Green Blog offers a really good snapshot of what’s hot on the green barometer in bite-sized digestible posts – I think the idea is you can make quick visits, but I just end up reading more posts! 

Positive News is a recent discovery but now I’ve found it I’m going to be a regular visitor.  It is what it says it is, go there for a lift and inspiration.

Last, but certainly not least as they say, is Self Sufficient-ish.  A great site and a great resource, I’ve learned so much from visiting here.  It has a really lively and active forum also, full of lots of friendly people with very silly names…Goo?

sparkling horsetail

A nice wet weather pic for you of sparkling horsetail ferns!

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