Off-Road Soup Day

I thought our Off-Road Soup event for day of international action was going to be a complete disaster.  Last Saturday the sky turned black and was full of rain all morning.  Not a single person passed by our house.  On the grounds that I didn’t have a plan B however, I set Goldilocks and her pal to work painting a banner anyway.  Here is little Loopy-Lou drawing butterflies onto it.  They thought butterflies were an important part of where we live.  It would certainly be a less bright place without them.

Painting Butterflies

 I made about half the quantity of vegetable soup that I’d originally intended to.  At about 2.00pm  the sun shone briefly and persuaded some dog walkers at least that they ought to get out.  Our friend Alan and his son Ade were our first victims.  We told them they had to drink our soup and pose for a picture whether they liked it or not!  Alan and Ade enjoy soup in the sunshine!

After that we had a steady stream of people throughout the afternoon.  I was really pleased at how happy people (and they were a diverse bunch!) were to talk about climate change issues and many of the people we spoke to were already making their own efforts to lessen CO2 emissions.   I found it funny, but somewhat disheartening that some people are automatically suspicious if you offer them anything for free.   But even those who didn’t take soup or seem interested did at least take the literature from us. The old guy with the whippets didn’t say a single word and he seemed slightly lost.  But  he obediently, if silently, drank his soup and posed.  I hope he found his way home okay.

350 posers!

These guys turned up in their home-made canoes which we thought was definitely deserving of some off-road soup.  Better still they let the girls have a go, I think canoeing is going to be the next craze around here.

canoes girls in canoe

I was glad in the end we made the effort and hopefully we reached some people.  Children I think, remember doing things like this and it gives them a sense of agency in their world.  If they succumb to futile nihilism then surely there would be little hope for the future.  Oh yes, and we had some very nice soup for our tea!

Martin and Golly

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1 comment to Off-Road Soup Day

  • This warms me as much as the soup must have warmed them! I’ve been pretty much cut off from the outside world due to work and hadn’t done anything at all for 350, this makes me feel like I need to get out and do much more again. What a lovely simple and nourishing idea. It is funny and sad that no-one believes that you could be giving anything for free, I’ve experienced this when I’ve helped out at free shops. The look of suspicion, followed by disbelief, followed by “she must be mad” followed by childlike glee that cross a persons face when they realise that it’s really true, there is no catch…

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