On the Pulse

My friend Joseph, aged 2½, grew a runner bean at a toddler activity group.  Sadly Joseph and his family have virtually no outdoor space. Despite my protestations that you really don’t need more than space for a pole, they decided to give me their bean to put in our garden.  Just so you can check Joseph, this is where your bean is now living: 

New home for bean at Sustainable Living Project

Thank you Joseph.  Please say hello to your big brother William for me and also thank your Mum and Dad for lending me their copy of Positive News.  For those of you not familiar with Positive News it is a paper that celebrates the efforts of people from all around the world who are trying to live more sustainable lives.  While not blinkered to the very real challenges facing our planet, Positive News makes a sustainable future appear both possible and desirable.

I was particularly inspired by the article on DV Sridharan and his Point Return project in which he is attempting to restore to life a barren wasteland in India.  I also loved reading about the small house movement, although if we’re going to go in that direction (and we hardly live in a mansion as it is!) The Man from Salford and Goldilocks are going to have to do much better on the declutter front.

If you want to be on the pulse of all that is good in our world right now, click the Positive News button below.

positive news


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