The Goo Slow Week

homemade bread at Sustainable Living Project

So, how did my ‘Go Slow’ week go? Mixed results to be honest, more of a ’Go at Moderate Speed’ week! 

 Well as you can see some bread was made.  The roll on the top with the bulging eye was Goldilocks’ attempt at a tortoise.  It actually tasted very nice.  Goldilocks’ verdict, in her words, was that it was ’well better’ than our normal fare.  We had fun doing it together, which surely should be at least some of the point.  I’m worried that our use of fast-action yeast will have lost us ‘Go Slow’ karma.  I can only hope our tortoise made up for it.  We ate it with homemade vegetable soup and locally produced Stilton, which should also help appease the ‘Go Slow’ gods.  

 Life without a watch didn’t exactly go to plan.  I have a real phobia of being late and I think it will take more than one go slow week to sort that out.  I ended up putting my watch back on for the days I work and to make sure I was on time for picking up Goldilocks.  I did dump the watch at the weekend however and it was a truly liberating experience, and a gleeful  Goldilocks probably got to stay up much later than she should.

I have to admit I did take a peek at my e-mail midweek and I also found an inactive ’go slow’ forum, the last entry was in 2008.  There’s something rather eerie about stumbling upon defunct forums, a bit like arriving on the scene of a mass suicide.  I can only hope they have all found something much better to do, slowly of course.  I reckon I probably saved at least an entire working day by not spending time on the computer although what I did with it exactly I’m not quite sure! 

Long walks with Willow and watching my vegetables grow was very easy, and probably explains where my lost day did get to.  The tow path is bejewelled with starry speedwell.  The canal-side, in contrast to my studied slowness, is erupting with greenness at an unseemly speed.  Wildflower gallery coming soon, for now you can enjoy this speedwell.

speedwell at Sustainable Living Project

Now I have to say there is something of an absurdity in being consciously random.  This posed a problem for my attempts at random acts of kindness.   It’s not that I didn’t do things like assist frazzled mums trying to negotiate shop doors with double buggies, chase after people with their dropped keys, or dead head pansies that peered miserably out of municipal flower displays, it just wasn’t random.  I’d like to think it was normal behaviour, (possibly not the dead heading!)  I think the ‘go slowers’ will have to reword this part of their manifesto and then I can claim full marks!

My greatest sucess, by far, was simply doing one thing at a time.  Doing three things separately rather than three things simultaneously, does not take up more time.  I felt serene and in control.  It was something of a revelation, and it was nice to see my bed properly made even if no one else appreciated it. 

From an individual well-being perspective the week was definitely worth it, but did I save the planet?  Probably not.  And yet all the time I could not help feeling that if we are to survive a carbon restricted future with any dignity then we need to start investing in the well-being of our local communities now. We need to  revive craftsmanship and lost skills. We must build our local economies and support local business, manufacture and food production.  And, naturally,  be kind (randomly or otherwise) to one another. 

 (I see my week away from the computer has left me with a little back log and I need to change the Book of the Month, coming shortly I promise but I won’t rush it!)



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