World Maths Day

Ever since last Friday Goldilocks has been urgently reminding me that today is World Maths Day.  She is clearly gripped by Maths Day fever, I’m not sure why.  Are we meant to give presents on World Maths Day, on this most festive of festive days?  Perhaps Halllmark have already capitalised on it, maybe people across the country are sending their relatives hard sums to keep them amused?

And why the 3rd of March?  Does this commemorate the birth/death/other of a famous mathematician?  I’m appalled to admit I can’t think of a single famous mathematician off the top of my head.  (Feel free to help me out here!)  Is it the day on which many people (like me now I’ve just realised my watch thinks it’s the 31st February) figure out they are going to have to wind their watches on for 72 hours before the date reads right? 

Maybe the 3rd March is the only day left that hasn’t been carved out of the calendar by some other deserving cause.  I’m afraid I am beginning to suffer from world day fatigue.  I am unlikely to ever remember the date of any one of them.  Anyway, I can’t let this special day go uncommemorated and thought that the most fitting thing for this blog was a reminder of the 350 cause.

390ppm = current concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

350ppm = the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Now do the maths as they say, or just visit  And Happy World Maths Day to you!

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2 comments to World Maths Day

  • granny goo

    How about the beautiful, charismatic and brilliant Pagan mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria-got them all upset, bewildering minds and dressing like a young male teacher, then suffered a terrible death at the hands of Christian fanatics.

  • goo

    Ha Granny Goo, you’ve been googling again! It’s not good for you, you know. Hey, some smart info though and I like the sound of Hypatia.

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