A Kitchen Composter

Some local authorities will now let you put cooked kitchen waste in their compost bin collection.  The high build-up of heat a municipal compost facility means that harmful bacteria in kitchen waste  is very quickly eradicated and of course any vermin will not be on your patch.  Sadly this is not a universal arrangement and for most of us a kitchen composter is the next best thing.  (Although our dog Willow thinks the next best thing is feeding it to her!)  A kitchen composter enables you to make raw and cooked waste, including fish and meat, safe before adding it to your garden compost.  Kitchen composters are sealed units, so you won’t have any unpleasant whiffs in the kitchen, to which you add a bran-based product known as EM.  This contains living cultures of beneficial micro-organisms, it is usually marketed as Bokashi Bran. 


Waste is rendered usable by the bran in a matter of days and can be added to your compost heap or straight onto beds.  An added bonus is the collection of liquid that has fermented, this can be accessed via a tap on the kitchen composter and used once diluted to feed plants.  As this liquid is buzzing with all those beneficial cultures it can also be poured down drains where it will combat algae build up and unpleasant odours.

Even Greener are established suppliers of bins and recycling facilities to local authorities, but also have a super website for the public selling a good range of green products at bargain prices.   Currently this 18 litre Blackwall Kitchen Composter illustrated left is on special offer, reduced by £5 to £20.  This price includes a drain cup, full instructions and a 1kg bag of bokashi bran which would normally cost £6.50.   A kilo bag should last up to three to four months.  Even Greener supply 3kg bulk bags of bran for £13.50. Click the image to visit the Even Greener store.

These bins are a handy size for storing in cupboards measuring 37cm high by 25cm deep and 32cm wide.  Having said that they are smart enought to leave out, certainly a lot smarter than the old tupperware box we collect our compost heap waste in!

Sorry Willow, no more scraps for you!   

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