Eco-cleaning and Sick Dogs

poorly willow

Poor Willow has had a terrible weekend.  She started being sick at the end of last week, and I really feared she might not recover.  She’s getting quite old now and probably doesn’t fight infections as well as she used to.  Over the weekend she had a two day spell at the vets for intravenous fluids and anti-biotics.  We were very glad to have her returned to us yesterday, looking much, much better.  Well enough in fact  for me to feel happy to share with you what the conscientious eco-cleaner does when faced with large amounts of yellow bile all over the carpets.


  • Mop up the excess and blot with all those rags you made out of unrecyclable clothes.  Most of our clothes fall into this category because we wear them until the stitches are falling out.  This particular operation required two XXL shirts belonging to The Man from Salford and a virtually unrecognizable dress once belonging to a smaller Goldilocks.    
  • Spray the affected area with a 50/50 mix of distilled white vinegar and water.  This is primarily to disinfect the area, although it will also make the smell a little less offensive.
  • In a mixing bowl, whisk equal amounts of water and an eco-washing-up liquid of your choice into a foam. (30 mls of each should make a reasonable amount.)  I cheated and used an electric whisk, I guess if you’re being truly sustainable you’d use a hand whisk and elbow grease.  Spread thickly (about 1cm) over affected areas and leave to dry out for a couple of hours, as the foam dries up it lifts dirt out of the carpet.  Then you can blot the area again or as I do vacuum over it.  (I’m not sure the manufacturer would approve of this.)Don't eat it!  
  • To deodorise your carpet, wait till it has thoroughly dried out and scatter with generous handfuls of bicarbonate-of-soda.  Leave as long as you possibly can, over night is ideal, but even a few hours will be beneficial.  Use a dustpan and brush to sweep most of it up and then vacuum.    

Wishing health to you all and your dogs, happy eco-cleaning!

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