Organic SLS Free Toothpaste

I’ve written about SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate before, it is one of those unpleasant and completely unnecessary chemicals.  It is used in a wide variety of cosmetics and toiletries, including toothpaste, because it is cheap – its main function is to foam, it does not actually enhance the performance or efficacy of any product.  The main concern with the use of SLS in toothpastes is that it can cause or aggravate mouth ulcers, it seems absurd that people should suffer such distress on account of an unnecessary chemical.  Organic SLS free toothpaste is not easy to find on the high street.  However, So Organic does stock a wide range of SLS free toothpastes at very reasonable prices.  The range suits a wide variety of needs including those with teeth sensitivity, gum disease and ulcers and also for children.   I’ve presented here a small sample of some of  the best selling  SLS Free organic toothpastes, do visit the store to see the complete range.  



Lavera is one of my favourite brands of organic cosmetics, so it is nearly always on the top of my list of recommendations.  This mint flavoured organic SLS free toothpaste costs £2.75 for a 75ml tube but you can currently buy it on offer here at £4.50 for two tubes.  This toothpaste does contain fluouride.  I recognise that some buyers would be reassured by this and that others would rather avoid fluoride in toothpaste aswell as SLS.  Click here or on the image to find out more.




Green People are now renowned for their chemical-free organic formulations and boast a range of SLS free organic toothpastes.  The Fennel and Propolis toothpaste featured here is excellent for gingivitis, bleeding gums and mouth ulcers and boasts a strong anti-bacterial action.  This costs £3.30 for 50mls and is suitable for the whold family.



This Waleda Plant Gel toothpaste has been especially formulated to be kind to teeth and gums.  It contains chamomile extract which has an anti-imflammatory action and also contains myrrh which is anti-septic.  This toothpaste is both fluouride and SLS Free.  It costs £3.50 for a 75ml tube.

Don’t forget to visit So Organic here to check out all their current offers, there are quite a few ‘buy two cheaper’ offers.  Follow the links or click on specific images for more detail.  These toothpastes will feel slightly different when you use them but remember foaming at the mouth like a rabid crocodile does not make your teeth any cleaner or healthier.

You might also like to read my post on SLS free shampoo.



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