Cardboard House

Goldilocks loves making little cardboard shoebox scenes so I just know she will love the cardboard house (and teepee, and rocket!) now stocked by Nigel’s Eco Store, who have a great range of eco-friendly toys for all ages by the way.  The cardboard house is made from 100% recycled cardboard and is a fantastic toy for stimulating role-play, imagination, creativity and problem solving and working in a team if you are buying these for a group of children.  (I must admit Goldilocks solves most cardboard modelling problems with excessive quantities of sellotape!) 

All of the cardboard houses are made in the UK and conform to British Safety Standards, they are plain so that children can decorate them as they please with pretty much whatever they please, before entering that magic world of make-believe.  I think this would make a great party activity for a group of children.  The cardboard house can be folded flat for storage and is of course light-weight.  I would like to say that these toys are completely compostable and fully bio-degradable, but as Goldilocks is a terrible horder I’m going to have to wait for her to leave home and have children of her own before any of her creations hit the compost heap!


My favourite in the range is the teepee cardboard house which will lend itself to some really wild decoration and play.   You’ll probably have to get arty and make a wooden box totem pole to go with it.  The possibilities for limitless creative play are unending.  The teepee costs £29.40. 

If you are something of a traditionalist when it comes to cardboard living why not opt for the cardboard playhouse complete with sweet little windows, perfect for diminuitive eco-homemakers at £33.65. 

For adventurous astronauts there is a space rocket also costing £33.65.


Visit Nigel’s Eco Store to view the complete range of cardboard houses, castles and dens and other eco-friendly sustainable toys.  You might also be interested in childrens wooden toys and wooden dolls house.

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