Children’s Wooden Toys

There is something very satisfying about children’s wooden toys.  This stems partly from the solid, durable, quality of wooden toys in addition to their naturalness and pleasing aesthetic appearance.  Wood is a far more sustainable material than plastic of course, but the main appeal of wooden toys is that children love them and you will find these toys cropping up again and again in a variety of play situations.

I think I must have spent thousands of hours observing children’s play and the way in which they use toys.  I can’t lie, I’ve yet to meet a two year old who isn’t delighted by one of those enormous, plastic bubble cars – but that is only one sort of play.  The best sort of play sees young children using and incorporating a variety of toys (and indeed general household items) to support their imaginative and exploratory role-play.  I hope you find something appealing in the following selection of children’s wooden toys from Our Green Shop.  All of these wooden toys are made from sustainable rubber wood.  Click here to view this collection below and much more besides.

Among my favourites are the wooden fruit box and  wooden vegetable box, I know from experience that these are a real winner with all children and that that you will get hours of play value out of them.  I keep trying to pass ours on to younger family members but Goldilocks, now ten, still insists on fishing them out to support her imaginative games.  I paid £15 for ours five years ago, they are still retailing at that price here  which I think represents great value.  The Fire Engine Push-Along trolley complete with bricks is one of those real heirloom wooden toys, it’s the sort of wooden toy that gets saved for future generations, it is a timeless classic which will be universally loved. 

As you can see there is a choice of wooden doll’s houses.  A traditional dolls’ house and the eco-dolls’ house complete with wind turbine, though both will stimulate rich ‘small world’ play.  The dolls’ houses are supplied with furniture and the dolls included in the price.  Boys and girls alike are drawn to play cookers and washing machines, I guess little toddlers have worked out these are key elements of any working home!  You can enrich the play by rigging up a washing line, little children love pegging stuff out or by supplying pots and pans full of store cupboard ingredients that are past their best – I promise you hours of happy, if slightly messy, play if you do this!

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