Wooden Dolls House

This delightful wooden dolls house is supplied by Our Green Shop and is made of sustainable rubber wood.  This wooden dolls house will complete any child’s bedroom (and make those pesky Borrowers very happy too!)  It is a traditional toy that has withstood the test of time, after all we buy dolls houses for our children because we have such happy memories of playing with them ourselves. 

This little dolls house is guaranteed to keep youngsters happily occupied for many happy hours.  The front opens out for easy access.   It is supplied complete with 3 dolls and furniture making it a bargain at only £99.00.  It will be despatched via a two day trackable courier service.  Click HERE to read more.

Whilst childrens wooden toys like this have a universal appeal, don’t forget that what children really need is for adults to get down on the carpet and play along side.  That will always be the most valuable gift.  You will be able to extend their ideas, enhance the quality of play and introduce a range of skills.  When children learn how to play, they also learn how to learn.  Good quality toys and good play experiences have a long lasting effect upon child development.    Don’t be afraid to mix things up, encourage children to introduce other materials and toys into the play.  They can perhaps make additional lego furniture, you could introduce a wooden rail track to run around the doll’s house or even cut up paper into circles, ovals and rectangles - get the children to make designs on these ‘rugs’ and let them use scissors to snip fringed edges.  This kind of play encompasses a range of learning areas from developing imagination, creativity,  fine motor skills and problem solving.

You might also like to view this wooden eco-doll’s house, made from sustainable rubber wood as well, naturally!  It’s a bit different but nonetheless still a delightful dolls house.  A wind turbine,  a solar panel in the roof,  recycling bins,  a bicycle,  plants and a water butt to collect rain are all featured to encourage children to think about sustainable life styles.  It is open on all sides so that a number of children are able to access the house at once.  Again furniture and dolls are included and the house retails at £89.99.  Go HERE to find out more or click on individual images.

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