snowy hogweedHello, sorry for not posting – seemed to have got lost somewhere in between my birthday and the snow appearing – occasionally in a slightly alcoholic haze!  Happy New Year anyway and I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  In an inspired bit of junk swapping The Man from Salford managed to get me a manger for Christmas.  How seasonal was that?  Of course I don’t have any live stock to feed and I’ll almost certainly get the sack if I try to stick any babies in it, but it is just perfect for soaking my willow in without worrying about it getting washed away down the canal or warped in the butts.  Another great freebie for Christmas was a large family sized canoe, somebody’s storage problem has become our entertainment – slight hitch though – it’s completely useless to us until the canal unfreezes!

Slightly more seriously than that our water supply has been constantly freezing up – making the job of getting on with everyday living slightly harder and slower.  Sorting out our water supply has been on our to do list for some time now but this has really brought the issue sharply into focus.  I’ll get posting on that sometime in the coming year we’ve got lots of exciting ideas and options on the table.

The most disappointing thing over the holiday period was the outcome at Copenhagen.  I don’t think my expectations were unrealistic but nevertheless I can’t help feeling let down.  The window of opportunity for acting against climate change is narrowing.  We’ll be keeping up our personal efforts here to minimize our impact, but I’m also thinking we need to do more in terms of activism this year.  That will be one family resolution, my personal resolution is not to buy any new clothes at all this year.  (Unless our house is burnt down in which case I will buy new undies!)

Hope you like the picture of the hogweed, the freezing temperatures may be a pain but is sure does look beautiful around here right now.

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4 comments to Brrrrrr!

  • lucy

    Oh the hogweed is really beautiful, thanks for that. Hope your water sorts itself out soon.

  • Happy new year Goo! Your free finds are excellent – I wonder when you’ll be able to use that canoe?

    I am sadly a total slacktivist at the mo, aka the crazy bird lady. At least I am keeping busy feeding the birds.

  • …oh yes, and you thought you’d snuck it in there pretty quietly didn’t you but I saw the reference – Happy Birthday!!! (…for whenever it was :) )

  • goo

    Thanks Bird. Feeding birds is extremely worthy good for you! Our efforts seem to be resulting in fat squirrels!

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