Feeling Chipper!

Well the sun shone all weekend and we made a start on pollarding the willows, which in turn meant I got to feed it all to my garden shredder and could start using the contents to create the vegetable garden paths.  It did look lovely, especially after so many months of looking out over black matting held down with bricks.  The wood chip had a nice golden glow about in it in the sun, I expect that will change as soon as it rains and starts rotting down – but it will still be better than the black stuff.  The chips are quite large, which I like, I did try running it through the garden shredder a second time but then it was too fine and would probably breakdown too quickly and just end up sticking to my boots in wet weather.  I think we probably only did a tenth of what we need to do and will have to make the most of every dry day in between now and winter to get the job done.   It’s a pace we’re used to quite frankly, nothing ever gets done very fast here – I don’t mind, the job gave me a pleasing sense of satisfaction.

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