First Frost of the Year

Willow and I had a beautiful walk this morning enjoying the first frost of the year.  I looked back over last year’s blog posts (this blogging lark is useful for something) and discovered our first frost is over three weeks earlier this year than last. See here for last year’s frost post.  Last night’s frost was very heavy, any tender plants that hadn’t already made it to the compost bin will be heading there this weekend.  I’ll be digging up the first of the parsnips also, although according to an article I read in Kitchen Gardener it is a complete myth that frost makes your parsnips taste sweeter.  They cite as evidence the perfectly sweet tasting parsnips you can buy from supermarkets year round, I can’t help feeling slightly disappointed! Nevermind today was beautiful.

The frost was so heavy on the ground that it almost looked like it had been snowing.  Here is Willow poking around some docks and juncus.  I bet she was glad of her thick fur coat this morning.

Now let’s just hope the water doesn’t freeze over again or I’ll be washing my hair in rainwater again.  Here is a nice frosty leaf picture for you.

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