Full of the Joys of Spring

I’ve been away for almost two weeks – two weeks of fair weather and so much has changed.  I’m glad to report that The Man from Salford has managed to keep my seedlings alive.  I’ve sown some more in trays this weekend and hopefully the soil should be warm enough to start direct sowings of hardier veg outside.  I am running out of windowsill.  

This weekend we had real sun and it was proper shorts and t-shirt hot.  The canal is literally buzzing.  It makes you feel good, but I think after a hard winter there is also a sense of relief that the wildlife has come through.  The air was thick with birdsong and things that fly (although not aeroplanes) and flowers that have been shy up until now are bursting into blossom.  This beautiful wood anemone is taken exactly four weeks later than the ones I recorded last year.

I was glad to see bees and butterflies in evidence too.  The dicentra in our garden has barely blossomed but a busy pair of carder bees was working it for all they were worth.  They weren’t too interested in staying still for the camera but I did slightly better than last year.  The the peacock butterflies teased me horribly aswell but there were plenty of them, small tortoiseshells sunning themselves on dandelions were a little more accommodating.

The Man from Salford has been lovingly nurturing some frogspawn he found in one of the drainage ditches in the field behind the house.  He’s made a small make shift pond in the garden for them and is being very careful to make sure it stays topped up and that it has a sloping side for when the froglets are ready to find their land legs. 

Although the evenings are still chilly we’ve not got round to lighting a fire because we’ve spent so long outside and it doesn’t seem worth it - a sure sign the season has truly turned!  Here is a picture of the gloaming.  If you look carefully you might just be able to see the reflections of The Man and Goldilocks setting out to find badgers. 


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2 comments to Full of the Joys of Spring

  • Great pictures Goo. Me laddie tends to the frogspawn that appears in the fields across from our house. Well, I say tends to it, more that he guards it from some of the kids whose idea of fun is to poke at it and pull at it until it’s destroyed.

  • goo

    I feel so sad when children are cruel in this way, I feel they must be somehow damaged – I fear that they will go on damage other people. Three cheers for your son, frogspawn defender of the realm!

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