Garden Shredders

Garden shredders are a useful bit of kit in the garden.  We’re pollarding the willows at the end of the vegetable garden this week, they’re beginning to cast too much shade and need taming.  Willow isn’t the best material to burn (high water content) and we can put it to better use if we put it through a garden shredder.  While we quite happily leave little piles of branches and twigs for the benefit of wildlife in the garden we still like to tidy up a bit.  Shredded material is very useful, you can use it to add carbon rich bulk to your compost - we’re building more raised beds and need all the free compost we can get our hands on.  We’re also at the stage where we know where permanent paths are to be laid, but they are currently under black weed suppressant which looks very ugly, for now wood chippings laid over this will make for perfectly good paving material until, if ever, we decide upon something more substantial.  Of course, you can also use shreddings directly on beds as a weed suppressing/water retaining mulch, but it is best to set it aside for a few weeks first so that the natural acids can leach out first, not a problem with your ericaceous plants however!

There are basically two types of garden shredder, the type you decide to buy depends mainly on what you would like to shred.  Rapid or impact shredders are generally cheaper, less bulky and more light-weight. Rapid garden shredders work by means of a rotating cutting blade, depending on usage you can expect at some point to have to replace these, this cutting action also means they are very noisy.  This type of shredder works best for finer hedge prunings and leafy material.  Quiet garden shredders, as the name suggests are a little kinder to the ears and work by means of a cog drawing material in against a metal plate and are generally more suited to woody material and provide coarser chips. Quiet garden shredders are more expensive but shouldn’t require replacement parts for many years, you will find many come with a collection basket.  Here is the SLP choice, both from Amazon as they seem to have the most reliable and consistently low prices including vat with free super saver delivery.  I won’t beat about the Bosch (ahem) but they are the market leaders for a good reason.  You may find them cheaper especially if you’re prepared to buy ex-demo stock, but consider VAT and delivery costs.

Impact or Rapid Garden Shredder




This is the Bosch AXT 2200 rapid garden shredder.  It has the advantage of a twin edged reversible blade enabling you to extend blade life.  It has a large hopper making feeding in material just that bit easier with a plunger to speed up the process.  A good choice for lighter prunings in smaller gardens and is light-weight with wheels for easy transportation.  Current price £124.95 with two year parts and labour guarantee.  Click image for more information.






Quiet Garden Shredder


Click image for more


This is the Bosch AXT 23 TC three-in-one shredder.  As promised this is a quiet garden shredder capable of shredding branches up to 42mm in diameter.  It comes complete with a 53 litre collection box and has a ’pulse’ reverse function to help prevent blockages.  A hopper allows for self-feeding.  Whilst it deals with larger branches very effectively this is one of  the best quiet shredders for finer leafy material also.  The current price is £248.48 again with two year parts and labour warranty.  Click image to visit the store.

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