Looking Forward

That’s all for this year folks!  We going to spend the next couple of weeks snuggling in front of the fire and making merry.  I’m looking forward to the new year and getting back into the garden, there will be lots of new features on extending the gardening season with a focus on cloches, cold frames and mini-greenhouses.  Look out for the article on the space and energy saving polycarbonate greenhouse which we’re getting quite excited about. 

Don’t forget our feathered friends in this really cold weather, they need all the help they can get at the moment.  We’ve taken to filling recycled containers with our own homemade lard and seed cake for them, we pack it in really tight and find this way while the squirrels can still tuck in as well they can’t run off with all the goodies which is what they were doing with the fat-balls we’d hung up.  Be safe, especially if like us you have fires roaring at the moment and we look forward to blogging afresh in the new year.

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2 comments to Looking Forward

  • Alex

    Hey, I am interested in quoting your website within my essay on ‘the shift to sustainable lifestyles.’
    Would you be able to please give me some pointers to how people can be persuaded to live in a more environmentally and socially responsible way.

    Thank you, Alex.

  • goo

    Hi Alex, thanks for your interest, sorry for the tardy reply we’ve been enjoying the festive season, sustainably of course! The remit of this website is chiefly to persuade people that a ‘sustainable lifestlye’ is achievable without hardship and is a fun and fulfilling way to live. We also encourage people to get involved in local groups and bigger environmental movements. Realistically that is the best we can hope to achieve here. However, I think our leaders from around the world have a critical role to play in helping people make the shift to more sustainable lifestyles and without this individual efforts may not be enough.

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