Midsummer Garden

Here is a picture or two of my garden.  I have been a bit crafty and taken them from an angle where it looks half decent.  This is because from just about any other viewpoint right now it looks more like a reclamation yard.  There are bricks, slabs and sleepers everywhere!  We’ve got them all for free but we’ve had to shift them ourselves and take away the rubbish stuff too.  If you’re prepared to do this it is amazing what you can blag.  Most people know railway sleepers go for a bob or two but they just can’t be bothered to shift them, we’ve done it one or two at a time!  All of this is in aid of terracing the slope or making a foundation for the new shed.  I expect there are greener alternatives, but not free ones.  We really feel like Wombles at the moment. 

All this disruption means that I’m actually growing less this year than last year, huh! That wasn’t in my five-year-plan.  I’ve hardly planted any brassicas at all except for more compact kohl rabi and some oriental mustards for salad.  I have managed to stuff quite a few things in containers and I’ll let you know how that’s going when I’ve got a gallery of stage-by-stage pictures. 

I planted the catmint below absolutely years ago but at the back of the house on heavy clay soil.  It just sulked and never grew larger than a foot.  Last year I put in in the poor soil by the dry stone walls at the front in full sun and they’ve just shot up.  It proves the importance of respecting planting requirements.  I’m glad to report it is making some bees very happy.  And cabbage butterflies seem to love it aswell, but they’ll be very fed up when they notice the lack of brassicas for their caterpillars!

Oh, here is a happy bee, it wouldn’t be the Sustainable Living Project without one!

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