National Moth Night

Just a quick one.  This weekend is national moth night.  Well actually it’s two nights, the 18th and 19th September.  This means you have even less excuse for not getting out at least once with your torch at dusk and looking for moths.  It can get a bit depressing typing out the same repetitive sentence, but yes their numbers are declining.  We are talking about a decline of 50% over the last 50 years.  Taking part in these  surveys and providing data (even if like me you think you are a bit useless at identification) really is useful.  To find out more visit National Moth Night.  Apparently they are giving out prizes, you have up until 1st December 2009 to submit your findings.  That should give me plenty of time to work out exactly whatever it is I manage to watch on the night.  I’m already feeling competitive!  Here is a moth, I have no idea what it is but it was rather partial to our catmint. 

moth on nepeta

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