Organic Baby Clothes

I have to buy a present for a newborn.  (Well fairly-recently-born!)  I’m going to buy some organic baby clothes, I have discovered parents of newborns greatly appreciate this sort of gift.  I’m also trying to redeem myself having earned Eccentric Aunty of the Year Award for having bought my three-year-old niece a giant magnifying glass and a harmonica for her birthday.  Apparently my brother and his wife hadn’t considered a future for her as either Inspector Clouseau or Bob Dylan.  I’m a bit out of practice at buying new clothes, my new year resolution to have a lower impact on the planet and not to exploit the world’s poorest producers of cloth and clothing means I’ve bought nothing new for myself.  It seems right to me that if I am going to buy baby clothes then they should be organic baby clothes and they should be fair trade and ethical.  Caring for our children should also mean caring about children all around the world, surely?

People Tree is a fantastic place to start if you care about ethical fashion and organic cotton production.  Last year they won The Observer Award for Ethical Fashion and it’s founder and CEO, Safia Minney was quite rightly awarded an MBE for her efforts to promote fair trade organic fashion.  They have a delightful range of organic baby clothes, including the Bee Good tee pictured here.  It has matching trousers and hat, I just love anything bee related so this is what the parents of the ‘fairly-recently-born’ are likely to be unwrapping.  I also like the unisex colourway which doesn’t play to traditional gender stereotypes and it is practical if you are buying for a ‘yet-to-be-born’ baby.  To check out the Bee Tee click on the image, or view the whole organic baby clothes range here.

People Tree is an active member of many Fair Trade, social justice and environmental networks. Accreditation by these bodies, like WFTO, the Fairtrade Foundation and the Soil Association gives you the guarantee that People Tree are doing what they say they are doing when it comes to Fair Trade and the environment.  They work hard to support their producers and suppliers, where certification is not yet in place it is usually because People Tree are supporting small, family run businesses in their efforts to meet certification standards rather than abandoning them to preserve a brand.  People Tree deserves to grow bigger because you know that people all over the world are growing with them.

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