Organic Sun Lotion

Organic Sun Lotion – A Gentle Alternative

Warm, sunny days are always welcome here but it is of course important to protect yourself, and young children if you are responsible for them, from the harmful effects of the sun.  Many conventional sunscreens are so full of chemicals that they produce nasty reactions and rashes in those with sensitive skin, as I’ve just discovered with one of the small people I look after.  High factor sun lotions for babies and children are often the worst offenders and even have added insect repellents just to make the chemical cocktail super toxic.  I have agreed with the small person’s very sensible parents that we will keep him covered up in lightweight clothing,  plop a hat on his head, avoid full sun during the hottest part of the day and for what we can’t cover or avoid to seek a more natural, organic sun lotion.

Thankfully for those with sensitive skin, skin disorders such as psoriasis or even those like me who have skin like a brontosaurus but would rather avoid unnecessary chemical use both for health and environmental reasons, there are now lots of good organic sun lotions available.  Here are three of the best organic sun lotions:

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Green People SPF 15  (£16.75 for 200mls)

My brother introduced me to the Green People brand.  He originally bought some of their organic sun lotion for his daughter who needs to take extra care with her skin.  Being outdoors a great deal I use their SPF 15 Day Solution all year round on my face.  The products are no fuss, simple and surprisingly pleasant to use.   This is a good choice  for the whole family.  Click here for more details.




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Lavere SPF 20 For Children and Babies (£15.50 for 125mls)

Lavere is an award winning German manufacturer of organic cosmetics.   Founder  Thomas Haase, suffered from the age of 2  from a skin disorder and inspired by the efficacy and power of herbs, began to create his own skincare range.  I tell you now, Lavere do not make duff products.  Although presented here as a mid-range product they have a very luxurious feel about them.   So Organic are very generous with their free samples when you order from them, so I’ve tried out quite a few Lavere products, including this organic sun cream for children!  It feels great to apply to the skin and smells lovely. Click here for more.



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John Masters SPF30 (28.50 for 59mls)

Defininitely the supremo of luxury organic products, but he’s not averse to washing his hair with cider vinegar, good man!  This is certainly top-of-the-range when it comes to organic sun lotion, nevertheless it is ideal if you use it as anti-ageing  face and neck protection and don’t want skin like a brontosaurus!  Find out more here.

Make sure you look up So Organic or even try out their free skin consultation here.  So Organic have lots of ‘money-off when you buy 2′ offers at the moment for sunscreen, check it out here.



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