Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Here is the SLP selection of polycarbonate greenhouses.  It’s not that we wouldn’t love a traditional timber framed greenhouse, but the cost would probably buy us a life time’s worth of fruit and veg anyway!  New twin-polycarbonate technology means that the polycarbonate greenhouse is now the affordable and sustainable option for most grow-your-own enthusiasts.  Polycarbonate boasts considerable benefits over glass, such as durability (you couldn’t smash it with a hammer if you tried!), good even light diffusion and UV protection.  It is far better at maintaining even temperatures, and twin polycarbonate actually offers better insulation than traditional 3mm glass.  All greenhouses available from Crocus. 




4′ by 6′ twin-wall polycarbonate.  Base, aluminium frame, polycarbonate pack.  Complete package £275.99








Square 6′ by 6′ twin-wall polycarbonate greenhouse with aluminium frame.  Complete package £296.49.






 6′ by 8′ complete package £399.99.  



Excellent little lean-to polycarbonate greenhouse that saves space and energy, enabling you to capitalize on warmth from exterior house walls. 4′ by6′.  Only £255.49. 



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