Raised Beds In The Garden

We use a lot of raised beds in our garden.  Not only do they provide clearly defined areas that are separate from the general wildness that is our garden but they overcome some of the problems caused by our soil when it comes to raising anything other than brambles and dandelions!  Raised garden beds enable you to improve drainage on damp heavy soils, provide a better environment for root crops if you suffer from stony soil and they are ideal for no-dig gardening methods.  Soil in raised beds tends to warm up quicker in spring, does not suffer from compaction as you don’t tread on the beds and enables closer plantings, maximising crops where space is tight.  Most of our raised beds are built from recycled scrap wood, but we appreciate not every one has the time, skill or resources to do this, so here is the SLP selection of raised garden beds which you can buy.  Alternatively view complete product range HERE.


Super beds made from FSC timber, in convenient sizing: 1.2 metres x 1.26 metres by 14.5cm.  Cam be stacked for greater depth. £37.99 per unit.  Guaranteed against rot for ten years.




Made from 100% recycled materials, heat absorbing black panels mean soil warms up quickly. Plants develop quicker and crops are ready earlier. 25cm high and 1m x1m.  Fantastic for growing potatoes in a small space, current price £24.99.






Incredibly sturdy and solid, made from FSC pressure treated planks almost 5cm thick, this generous bed will enable you to grow huge quantities.  30 x 180 x 90cm.  Other sizes available. Price £124.99.





I think these triangular raised beds are just brilliant.  Great for awkward corners or creating great designs.  Made from pressure treated FSC cedar wood for durability, these really are quite superior. From Eco-Charlie £17.75 per unit.





Not strictly a raised bed but a very attractive and affordable large willow planter ideal for growing crops such as beans if you are restricted to patio and balcony gardens.  We love willow here, it is a great sustainable resource.  40cm x 40cm x 50cm tall.  £19.99


To see the full range of raised garden beds and planters available from Crocus, our favourite plant supplier, go HERE.

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