Raised Beds, Raised Hopes

We’ve been quite busy the last couple of weeks making some raised beds.  This is in order to demarcate some area of garden that we can defend against the brambles. They are coming to the end of  their winter break and will be on the march again soon.  It should also help drainage and soil quality.  Even the flattest part of the garden is still on a slope so this wasn’t a straightforward knocking together of four planks.  Regular passers-by have been laughing at our efforts, especially The Man from Salford’s insistence on using a spirit level.  The bed below is perfectly level and square, no sea-sick cabbages for us!


Haven't got time to make your own raised bed? Click Image

The wood was donated to us by Arthur, (thanks Arthur!) he is a scrap-man and keeps absolutely everything.  The Man from Salford works with him two days of the week in order to get ‘bits’ for his projects.  I doubt whether Arthur would describe himself as an environmentalist, but he’s been recycling for years and we could all learn a thing or two from him.

Prior to building  our beds, we’d covered the area in tarpaulins to help keep down the weeds, when we pulled them back we found this rodent super  highway.  A reminder that any act of cultivation, however organic and environmentally friendly, displaces natural activity.  Sorry to say it got bulldozed! 


I have spent an absolute fortune on organic peat-free compost.  This does not feel very sustainable, especially as far as my bank balance is concerned.  We’ve had to buy it in bags and lug it up here a bit at a time.  The bags claim to be biodegradable but this is not, apparently, exactly the same as compostable and means they will end up in landfill anyway.  I can see I’m going to have to give my compost heap an encouraging talk, or hire a team of cheerleaders!   

To see how this bed is getting on now visit Vegetables and Raised Beds.

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