Real Potted Christmas Trees

living potted christmas treesThese beautiful and bushy real Christmas trees are available from Crocus HERE.   They can be bought cut or, our favourite choice, as potted Christmas trees. These beautifully shaped Nordmann fir Christmas trees are delivered to your door step, safely anchored in their pots ready for decorating.

Don’t forget to read my post on potted Christmas trees for tips on how to keep these trees alive and well.

If you manage to treat your tree well and keep it alive, then next year you may have to do nothing more than bring it in from the garden. We’ve done just that this weekend and are patting ourselves on the back for:

a) not having to spend any money on a tree this year and

b) not having to go out in this less than clement weather and go through all the rigmarole of getting it home without loosing half the needles.

We’re kind of pleased on behalf of tree-kind also!

Minimizing unnecessary spending and transport is what makes these trees a truly sustainable choice, and because they’re Nordmanns you won’t be whipping around wasting unnecessary kilowatt hours with the hoover because these trees hang on to needles very well.

It might not be too late to get your hands on one of these beautiful potted trees, you can visit Crocus HERE or click on the picture below  and  order one now.

                             Nordmann Fir Potted Christmas Tree for £34.99

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