Sustainable Living Project: Two Years Old

The Sustainable Living Project is now into it’s third year and still going strong!  We are still learning all the time and have much more to do, but as usual we will do it with a smile on our faces.  The last year has been a fantastic one, despite starting and ending with snow.  Eventually, however the ice melted and we were able to test out our freeby canoe, making use of the fantastic canal system that is on our doorstep.  A beautiful, but not always practical way to get around.   To celebrate here are some of my favourite photos from last year, click on the images to read the original post! 

Our hazels catkins have made an appearance now, but pussy willow is never very far behind.

A pair of swans were our new neighbours this year, a pair of very forward and inquisitive characters.

Last year I tried growing kohl rabi for the first time, it is definitely on the seed list for this coming year.

Hunting for wild raspberries got a bit wilder than I anticipated, but the jam was good!

It was another fantastic year here for bees, butterflies and bugs. (And don’t mention the wasps!) This caterpillar seemed as relaxed as us over the summer break.

This autumn we got ourselves a garden shredder and finally made a start on the woodchip paths around the raised vegetable beds.

I know the snow is not long gone and you may still be suffering from winter blues, but it wouldn’t be a representative selection without one snowy picture!

Wow! I ought to stop there, we’re looking forward to another year’s blogging and snapping!

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