Why am I doing this?

I’m cheating this week.  I’m not going to write a proper post.  Why not?  Well it is sunny and lovely and I am too extremely busy outdoors.  It is a wonder I remember where the computer is.  I have done useful things like pot on tomatoes and stir my comfrey tea (which has now stopped bubbling and absolutely pongs.)  I have spent every spare minute available scratching away brambles from the surface of this madly green place.  My efforts are usually rewarded with a slightly more interesting and diverse assortment of weeds! 

Goldilocks on swing forever

I have also spent quite a lot of time just looking and listening and loving it all.  I couldn’t resist posting this pic of Goldilocks swinging from the field maple with evening light filtering through the leaves.  The bees were still buzzing and the air was sticky with the scent of cow parsley, and everywhere the hawthorn was thickly iced with blossom. 

But Goo, I hear you say, this is  merely a gratuitous image of bucolic sentimentality.   What does it have to do with sustainability?  Well, for me, it represents what I want to save and who I want to save it for.  So there! 

They’ve ‘given’ rain on Thursday, so I might write something proper!  

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