Why I Like Spiders

I like spiders.  Admittedly, I don’t want to pick them up and cuddle them, but I do find their presence reassuring.  Small people like spiders too, as long as squeamish adults don’t have a negative influence on them.  When it comes to capturing young imaginations spiders are way up there with elephants, crocodiles and penguins.  Maybe I would feel differently about them if I lived in a country where they are poisonous and do sneaky things like hiding under the rim of toilet seats.  Thanks to my lax housekeeping some spiders here manage to take up residence long enough to be christened.  Bernard (The Man’s choice) is currently occupying the crack at the top of the stairs.  I think Bernard is actually a girl, but he won’t listen to me!  On Saturday morning I found myself liking spiders even more.  I opened the window and saw that my arachnid pals had stopped this horde of greenfly in its tracks as it winged its way towards my beans!

A closer inspection revealed little webs all over the house covered with ensnared greenfly.  An even closer inspection of beans and veg revealed that, as yet at least, there was not a sign of aphid infestation.  I hope Bernard and her pals enjoy a very well deserved dinner. 

If you want some help in identifying spiders you can visit the common spider identification  page on the Natural History Museum’s website and I really enjoyed the FAQ on the British Arachnological Society’s site including the ‘Are Spiders Useful?’ section. 

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