The Dog Barometer, Getting Warmer and 350

Willow, being a dog of regal character, has two residences – a Summer one and a Winter one.  Although she follows me pretty much everywhere, she is banned from the bedrooms and has to make her own sleeping arrangements.  Last week she moved from her Summer residence at the bottom of the stairs to her Winter residence on the landing.  Just as you might watch for swallows in Spring, we find observing Willow is a pretty good indicator of what’s going on season wise.

We’ve been feeling the cold too.  The sofas downstairs are piled with rugs, skins and blankets so that we can put off lighting the log burner for as long as possible.  But even snuggled under two blankets (and I do wear many warm layers) I’ve still felt cold.  We decided it was time to start lighting the burner again.  Once lit, it will probably remain so until some distant point in the Spring.  A point where we realise that we’ve somehow spent most of the evening outdoors and it’s probably easier just to go to bed than mend a fire.  We will also probably trip up over Willow on our way and realise she has returned to the official Summer residence.

We spent last weekend sorting out the wood store.  Yes I know we should have spent all our spare moments over the Summer doing this, we are definitely ‘last-minuters.’  We wanted to sort out waste wood from the quality seasoned timber and get it chopped up for kindling or at least to a size that will fit in the burner.  This is the one drawback, we find, of an enclosed fire. 

Its always odd to look at this interesting assortment of past lives.  Some of it looks like it might still have one more life before being consigned to the burner.  I liked the look of these triangular pieces pictured below.  I think they were used as temporary chocks.  The Man from Salford tells me he’s already hacked up a few of these.  This is a shame, I could have used them to make a herb wheel planter.  We’re not going to chop up the last ones until we’re sure they can’t have another life.


Now that we’re going to be releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere we need to make the most of it. We’re going to be sharing the warmth and energy with passers-by through the medium of soup.  And the wood store seems like a good place to hang out our 350 International Day of Climate Action banner.   

350 stands for 350 parts per million of CO2 in our atmosphere.  According to the best research available yet, this is the absolute safe limit.  Currently CO2 is measuring 387ppm in the atmosphere.  People all over the world will be carrying out inventive and imaginative actions to highlight  and raise awareness of this in the run up to Copenhagen. 

This coming Saturday afternoon we are going to be ladling out Off-Road Soup (the title describes the location, not the ingredients which will be vegetables!) to unsuspecting passers-by.  It’s our way of spreading the warmth and the word.  I hope our soup may even lure some one to pose in front of our banner for a 350  Climate Action photo. 

If you’re unable to get involved but fancy a bit of keyboard activism you can click the button below and add your name to the I Am Ready pledge. 

Join me at <a href=

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