Five Steps To Natural Beauty






Looking good shouldn’t cost the earth.  This is the last of our features on natural beauty outlining five simple steps to looking better and feeling better.  Natural beauty is achievable at little cost to you or the environment.  Why not give some of these ideas a go?

 Step 1: Know your skin and use the right moisturisers and cleansers.  Our skin changes over time so it is well worth your while heading over to So Organic our favourite suppliers of natural beauty products, for the free two-minute skin consultation which will enable you to browse among a range of natural, chemical-free moisturisers suitable for your skin type.  You might also want to check out The Ultimate Natural Beauty Book which is packed with great ideas for a home made facial.  The first time I cleaned my face using natural fruit acids (everything I needed was in the pantry!) I was absolutely amazed at the results.

Step 2: Slapping creams and lotions on the outside will do you little good unless you also take care of the inside.  You may have heard it a hundred times, but you have to eat well.  My favourite book to date is still Steven Pratt’s Superfoods.  This is not a book about weightloss or juicing wheatgrass, it is the most sensible and straightforward approach to nutrition I have ever come across.  Each chapter on the ‘flagship’ foods outlines many alternatives with similar health properties so that healthy, seasonal eating is achievable wherever you live.

Step 3:  Exercise your face!  Botox injections will not enhance natural beauty, that’s for sure!  I have had a well thumbed copy of Eva Fraser’s Facial Workout for many years now.  Exercising the face really does work, lifting the whole face and plumping skin tissue out where it is most needed.  The downside is that you do need to make time to do this, but only ten minutes a day and the upside is that it is painless and free!

Step 4: Be a sleeping beauty.  You need to get a good night’s sleep most nights, (the occasional late-nighter is still permissable if you have the energy!)  Again individual sleep requirements vary from person to person, if you are waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead then you’ve got it right.  Of course lots of people struggle with sleep.  Binaural sleep technology may be what you need, this amazing natural sleep aid has been featured in Natural Health and the Manchester Evening News, the soothing music quite literally resettles your brain patterns and enables a better night’s sleep.  It is available here from Sleep Music UK for £19.96.

Step 5: Let your inner beauty shine through!  It doesn’t matter how blessed you are with natural good looks or material wealth, if you don’t feel good about yourself it will never be enough.  One of the best ways to boost self-esteem is to help others.  Get involved with volunteering or community projects.  Make a point of performing random acts of kindness.  Just be considerate to those around you, kindness costs nothing.

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