Natural Skin Care For Mature Skin

When women reach their forties their skin begins to mature.  All skin is different and will be affected by lifestyle and life events.  You may find you have reached an age where you feel simultaneously responsible for both an older generation and a younger generation, exactly the stress you don’t need when your skin starts to show the signs of ageing.  And no matter how many organic carrots you’ve munched your way through (although don’t stop!) you have probably realised that mature skin needs a little extra boost. 

Let’s explode some myths surrounding the hype around anti-ageing products.  No doubt you are now aware of the existence of AHAs, peptides, co-enzymes and so on, which many skincare products proudly boast.  It is NOT rocket science, all of these chemicals occur naturally and you can find them in your fridge or fruit bowl right now. 

For example, if you were to spend the next five days washing your face with lemon juice your skin will visibly brighten and look younger, this is because  the AHAs present in lemons will provide deep exfoliation – almost a mild mini-acid peel treatment – and your skin will have absorbed Vitamin C providing a much needed nutitional boost.  I’m not recommending this though, it stings and there are better ways!  If you were to whip up some egg-whites and apply them to your skin like a mask, you will feel the skin tightening and lifting – this is because of the peptides present in the eggs, peptides are simply amino acids.  You will have also given your skin a good application of Co-Enzyme Q10, which is also present in eggs.  This is fine to do if you use organic eggs, but peptides really need to be applied daily so unless you’re the meringue queen, probably not practical!

Let’s examine the ingredients that anti-ageing products are not boasting about.  The bulk of the product in most non-organic brands will be some form of mineral oil.  For all the good this is going to do you, you may as well smear petrol on your face.  These petroleum based products will over time make skin dull and lifeless, they will clog pores and play havoc with your skin’s natural abilility to produce its own oils.  Mature skin does not need this!  Then there are the synthetic chemical preservatives, these do nothing for your skin they are in the product to prolong shelf-life.  Parabens are the worst offenders, I’d really like to see these banned.  Parabens are oestrogen-mimickers, and can disrupt hormonal activity.  Some studies have suggested a link to breast cancer, I must stress that these fears are yet to be substantiated, nevertheless as you age your risk for breast cancer increases and I’m inclined not to want to add further risks.  The damage doesn’t stop there, these parabens find their way into the wider environment causing reproductive disruption to  mammal species (endangered marine mammals in particular) already struggling to survive.

So is it possible to buy products aimed at boosting mature skin which contain all the goodies and none of the baddies?  Yes and the answer is So Organic, an ethical award winning beauty retailer stocking a wide range of organic beauty brands.  It really would be worth visiting their skin consultation questionnaire HERE, it only takes a minute and will enable you to filter your searches to suit your exact skin needs.  Here are my picks:

 Night Cream for Mature Skin



If I was forced to choose one product it would be My Age Regenerating Night Cream by Lavera (£22.90).  A choice based partly on the fact that the pressures of getting to work or getting the kids to school on time sometimes means your morning beauty regime can be rushed.  With more time at night you can be more certain of the full benefits and be able to face the morning rush knowing your face looks firmer and brighter.  My Age contains ‘sepilift’ a super-charged peptide which will lift the skin.  It includes also phyto-collagen to plump out wrinkles and lots of sensuous natural plant extracts and oils.   Read more HERE.


Daily Facial Routine For Mature Skin

I’ve chosen sister brand Laveré’s ‘Relax’ range for the daily skin care routine.  Relax daily cleanser is full of natural good things such as licorice root which is a great natural deep pore cleanser and gentle vitamin rich oils.  It is suitable for removing make-up and is a splash on and rinse off cleanser.  You will be really excited by the Relax Splash Toner, quite unlike harsh toners you may have subjected younger skin to, this is a two phase hydrating toner providing toning and additional moisturising at once.  Use as a facial mister or apply with cotton wool.  Complete your skin care regime with Relax Absolute Day Cream SPF5.  This improves the skins protective barrier and refines and reduces wrinkles and not a chemical nasty in sight!  This range is aimed at the 35+ age group and you can find out more HERE.  A similar range also by Laveré aimed at 45+ skin can be viewed HERE.  You might also be interested in our feature post on rosehip oil and the fantastic skin benefits it has to offer all skin types.

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