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The sun shone briefly this weekend and The Man did what I imagine countless other men did and got the lawn mower out. Vvvv-Vrooooom-chug-a-chug and a peaceful Sunday disappeared.  Our lawn mower is an old petrol model, it is noisy, hard to start, heavy to push and unwieldy.  Is there a better, more sustainable option?  You bet, a hand mower.  In particular the Brill Razorcut Premium 38 from Nigel’s Eco Store.  This is probably the Rolls-Royce of hand push mowers, and is a far cry from the push-along hand mowers of old.  It is light-weight  (lighter than your average push chair which means even the most feeble among us should be able to manage it.)  It is engineered so there is no friction between blades making it easy to push and probably the quietest lawn mowing experience there is.  The cylinder blades are manufactured using a hardened high-grade steel setting it apart from cheaper  push hand mowers which feature a poorer quality tempered alloy.  All of this in addition to a special non-stick coating increases blade life considerably.  It is unlikely that you will have to get blades sharpened during the first five years of use – that is pretty low maintenance compared to your average lawn mower.  The sealed ball-bearings eliminate the need for any oiling or cleaning.

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Manual lawn mowers are actually better for your grass as well, the clean cut enables grass to recover quickly, making it healthier and improving the general appearance.  And yes the Brill Razorcut Premium  is definitely on the eco-friendly list, not only will you save on fuel bills but you won’t be contributing to the UK’s hydrocarbon emissions, for which powered lawn mowers contribute  a surprising 2.1%.   Find out more about the Brill Razorcut Premium 38 or visit Nigel’s Eco Store for their complete range of hand mowers.

Now I come to think of it, it’s not even our grass The Man cuts.  I wonder if we could persuade British Waterways to start using hand mowers?  I’ll still take their clippings for my compost though!

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