Silk Filled Duvets

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Luxury at the Sustainable Living Project?  Well, yes, silk filled duvets certainly are a luxury  but they also boast environmental and health benefits too.

Silk production, the manufacturing process and aftercare is chemical free.  This in conjunction with silk’s natural anti-bacterial properties and dust-mite resistance make the silk filled duvet  a first choice for those who care about their health and the health of the planet.

Production starts with mulberry trees -  the food of the silk moth larvae.  This is a trouble free crop, rarely requiring the use of pesticides.  Unless there is excessive use of dyes (and this is certainly not the case here), silk production and processing has a comparatively small impact on the environment.  Silk filled duvets are naturally anti-bacterial and do not require washing in the same way as traditional duvets.  (You won’t miss trying to stuff those into a washing machine drum!)  Silk duvets simply require ‘sun curing’ in other words hang them out to air twice a year, a fine day in Spring or a sunny Autumnal afternoon.   Eco-cleaning at its best!

What People Are Saying About Silk Filled Duvets

Jasmine’s mulberry silk duvets are gathering a loyal fan base, I love the lady who describes them as sleeping enfolded in butterfly wings, what a poet!  Jasmine mulberry silk filled duvets are currently on offer and reprersent a very good buy, the combination All-Seasons Double Silk Filled Duvet (200cm × 200cm)  here at Amazon is currently retailing at £188.00, reduced from £330.00. 

Toasty & warm on cool nights but didn’t even bother changing it over during last months hot spell; amazingly I stayed nice & cool all night. It really is the loveliest thing. Then went and bought the matching pillows and amazingly all of my snuffles & sneezing disappeared. If you suffer from allergies then this is for you. Try it and see – you won’t regret it. -Gordon Hay

 I only wish I had known about these years ago. If you can imagine sleeping under cosy butterflies’ wings, well, that is about it. I don’t regret changing my old goose-down quilt which I had loved, but was for a bigger bed. The warmth is similar, but the silk feels more light and airy. The seller was so efficient and friendly, and answered all my questions quickly and helpfully. -Enid

It is fantastic to sleep under, though we do like to sleep fairly cool. We have just the lighter duvet and have found except in the coldest weather it is really cosy and comfortable and warm. When its very cold we just throw a throw over it. A really good duvet. – R.Sim

I had been using an excellent, pure down quilt, very light to sleep under and cosy, for a couple of years…But I was fed up the down constantly travelling to the end of the bed. It was a pain, to move it about in the pockets, every few days to even it out. I decided to try a real silk duvet and really glad I have. It is comfortable to sleep under during the summer month, yet still warm enough now it is winter. It is beautifully soft to touch, very thin and looks fabulous on the bed…all smooth with no lumpy spots. The only downside I have found, is it’s slightly heavier to sleep under, than the down one…but nothing to worry about. I would certainly recomend silk duvets. – C. Atherton

Product, light and comfortable. Cool when nights are warm and providing warmth when nights are cooler. Will buy this product again. – Russel


The super king size silk filled duvet (260cm × 220cm) is an even better buy at £129.99.  A single silk filled duvet and a cotbed silk filled duvet   (120cm × 150cm) for children are also available. 

Health Benefits of a Silk Filled Duvet

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic.  Silk filled duvets form an environment which is inhospitable to  the dust mite, unlike down, feather or polyester fillings.  Dust mite droppings contain enzymes which the mites have used to help them digest skin dust.  These enzymes, either through inhalation or skin contact can cause or exacerbate asthma and other related allergies.

Silk has an amazing ability to help our skin reabsorb moisture through the natural occurring amino acids within silk. Absorbing moisture that has been lost during the day while sleeping will aid in rejuvenating the skin throughout the night. This is hugely beneficial to sufferers of dry skin and conditions such as eczema, shingles, sunburn, post-chemotherapy sensitive skin and psoriasis.

Silk being soft and light creates less pressure, this combined with tightly woven silk sheets enables easier movement and less resistance on the bed sheets. Silk filled duvets provide relief for many of the above mentioned conditions as they drape over the body eliminating single points of contact.  This lightness of touch and the reduction of pressure points is also beneficial to those suffering from osteoarthritis.

Unlike cotton, which retains moisture, silk wicks moisture away from the skin.  This is beneficial to those suffering from excessive perspiration, night sweats, the menopause and even light incontinence, ensuring a better night’s sleep

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