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Sometimes you feel like your on a bit of a sticky wicket when you try tell people about the importance of water conservation in this country, especially after another damp squib of a summer! But it does matter and it matters alot.

It is not a straightforward case of we use water, but no worries more will fall from the sky. Every day 2 million tons of human waste are disposed of in water sources. This not only negatively impacts the environment but also harms the health of surrounding communities.  Water in your home does not fall from the sky, it is brought to you by utilities companies and their services are not without a carbon footprint.

We need also to take into account the water we import, the water that is embedded in products that are more often than not produced in the developing world. Your T-Shirt for example will have used up 1,514 litres of water in its production, your jeans a further 6,813 litres of water.  And that’s just a few clothes, embedded imported water is also present in imported foods and all your fancy technological gizmos.   You are using water from countries that rarely have the luxury of complaining about rain stopping play.

I’d like to offer some even more pressing reasons to think about your water consumption and to sign the petition below:

1. Over 1 billion people worldwide lack access to clean water.

2. Women and children in Africa spend a combined total of 40billion hours each year fetching water (of dubious quality.)

3. 38 000 children under the age of 5 die every week as a result of unsafe drinking water and insanitary living conditions.

4. A UN report predicts that water scarcity will be a leading factor in 21st century conflicts.

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