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Well just for once we were ready with the rainwater tanks.  Driest first six months since 1929? Pah!  Despite living in one of the wettest climates in Britain we have never taken water for granted. Perhaps because we have to source, pump and filter  water ourselves we are more aware of what is involved in getting clean water to the tap.  And pumping water for us means using electricity, so by harvesting our own rainwater we are conserving more than just one precious resource.   Of course I happily splosh canal water over flowers, but I don’t fancy it on my veg, especially those with a high water content.  Harvesting rainwater in tanks is the obvious and practical solution.  This year we’ve used three 1000ltr capacity IBCs  (Industrial Bulk Containers) to use as our rainwater tanks.  They previously contained molasses and needed a good rinse out with the meltwater from the snow in January and then they were ready.  But they are massive cubes of white plastic and are (ahem) butt ugly.  The capacity is right though, I’ve discovered just how quickly you can use up 1000 litres when you’re trying to establish your seedlings during a dry spring.  We still wedge smaller water butts in wherever we can throughout the garden, we think it all counts, but if you are serious about harvesting your rainwater then at least one larger rainwater tank is probably in order. 

Here are some of the best rainwater tanks from Even Greener.  Rainwater diverter kits are included in the price, as are taps for the two larger tanks.  Delivery is free.

This is the largest tank in the Even Greener range and offers unbeatable value. The large capacity is achieved with a depth of only 800mm, the unique design is both distinctive and practical and includes twin secure lids. A tap and free rain diverter are included. Moulded in tough polyethylene this product will give years of service.  The full dimensions are: l 1650mm w 800mm (24″) h 1550mm (64″).  Click here for more.



This evengreener favourite is simple to install and maintain. The tap outlet means you can fill your watering can or attach your hosepipe directly to the fitting for access to a massive 700 litres of rainwater. The moulded through window and inset ribs keep this tank strong and robust and the similarly moulded handles allow easy lifting when empty. Rain diverter kit included. 5 year guarantee.  Product Dimensions: w 1500mm (59″) d 650mm (26″) h 978mm (39″) Tap outlet position: 340mm (13″) from the ground.   To find out more about each of these products click the images or visit Even Greener here to check out their full range of rainwater storage tanks and butts.

We particularly liked this columnar model from Nigel’s Eco Store.  It comes in several colours including green and stone.  Despite its slim-line appearance this space saving rainwater tank holds 1000ltrs of rainwater.  We thought it was a good choice for a smaller garden with limited space. 

Click image to visit store

But if you are really serious about rainwater harvesting then the Herkules rainwater tank is for you.  It holds a staggering 1600 ltrs of water and can be installed either above or below ground.  It’s a good choice if you are thinking of a rainwater harvesting system for domestic household use.  Again this is available from Nigel’s Eco Store.

Click image to visit the store!

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