An Owl Box

It’s getting a bit chilly here and for the first time in ages we didn’t have the bedroom window open in the night, which is a shame because we have spent the summer months listening to the owls as we snuggle down.  True, sometimes they make noises which could freeze blood, but mostly what we hear is the more pleasant  ‘whoos’ and enjoy the ghostly impression they make on the dark outside. 

Last week we were in a garden centre as some friends have  given me a present of £100 gardening vouchers.  I didn’t buy anything though – it seems too much and I want to do it justice rather than fritter it away on odd plants here and there – consequently I have just taken to haunting garden centres without actually buying.  I have a feeling it will eventually be spent on fruit trees and am even toying with the idea of a grape vine.  But I digress, during one such visit we were drawn to the wildlife section, you know the bird feeders and bat boxes and so on.  Before I knew it The Man had whipped out his tape measure and was snapping a pic of an owl box on his phone.  When he got home he knocked this up out of spare timber:

This box is intended for a little owl, we’ll work our way up to barn owls!  There seems to be quite a lot of contradictory info out there on how they should be positioned but for our little owl I have managed to glean that  it needs to be positioned 3m high and should not face towards the west to prevent rain getting in.  (Other sites adamantly state they must face north, then another says South, so at least ‘not West’ isn’t contradictory!)  Make sure there are no nails or screws sticking out (I do hope that decking screw on the bottom left gets tightened!) and then fill your box with some absorbent nesting material such as sawdust, woodchip or straw.  Little owls are day birds, well more dawn and duskish, so we stand more chance of actually seeing them, and there will be no night time ‘whoos’, little owls just squeak! 

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