Bird Box Camera

The Keen Gardener is currently stocking this fantastic multi-species colour bird box camera.  The birds in our garden appear already to be sizing up potential digs, including one very daft blue-tit who keeps flying into the generator room but can’t get out unless we assist it.  Now is a good time to get a bird box camera and get it into place before spring.  The Man is still composing his letter to Santa, but I know a camera with bird box is top of his list!  They do make really special presents for bird lovers to provide their own exclusive and fascinating  footage of the secret lives of the birds in your garden.

This particular bird box has adjustable openings to attract a variety of garden birds including, tits, wrens, sparrows, robins, wagtails and flycatchers. 

The bird box camera  is manufactured from sustainable FSC timber and  boasts a unique hinge mechanism than enables you to access the camera without disturbing the birds.  The camera features simple focussing and integral light adjustment that will enable you to optimise crisp and clear colour images.  

The camera unclips easily from the bird box so that you can use it for other spying missions in the garden – discover other wildlife that is living a secret life in your garden!  We once saw a baby badger come right up to our front door but then scared it away, we know that there is a lot more going on out there than we ever get to see – this camera will transform fleeting glimpses into real observation.

This camera has a 30 meter  screened cable enabling you greater freedom in siting the bird box, a feature lacking in some other models and well worth consideration.  It comes complete with a low voltage power unit and a scart lead which you can plug directly into your TV to view or record.  A timer switch is included so that you can save power at night and avoid disturbing the bird’s daylight patterns. 

The dimensions are 410 x225 x 190mm with a weight (without residents I presume!) of 3.84 kgs.   Now I better help The Man with his letter to Santa, we don’t want to miss out!  You can click the image above or visit The Keen Gardener here to find out more.


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6 comments to Bird Box Camera

  • Great idea that I have seen before but not really thought about using as I have always assumed you need to be super techy to set it up. As a trustee of the Somerset Wildlife Trust, I will send them this link as it looks like a good thing to advertise. Thanks.

  • goo

    Thanks Nicky, you don’t need to be a genius or ‘super techy’ as you say in technical terms these are easy to set up, although I think a good drill with a decent masonry bit will be a requirement if you want to feed wires through the walls!

  • Gillian White

    Hi SLP, what a lovely article. On reading a similar article many moons ago, I did a bit of research into camera bird boxes. I found that a perfectly sustainable bird box camera system came from a family business in Cornwall. We got one from them and we have been glued to the TV ever since. What can I say! The box is from sustainable wood and made locally to keep down carbon miles. It not only is peace of mind but good for the birds too. Technology can be sustainable too. Thanks for a wonderful article. Gillian W

  • goo

    Thanks Gillian, thanks for the lovely comment, it’s great to hear from you and I’m glad that you are getting lots of usage out of your camera.

  • David Williams

    Thanks for a great article. My family got a bird box camera several years ago. Every year, we have had many hours of pleasure watching our garden birds up close. It is worth it as it is better than watching TV. David Williams

  • goo

    Yes, we find watching birds incredibly pleasurable too! Thanks for stopping by David

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