Pause for Thought

We decided to take a holiday during the last week of summer.  We couldn’t have chosen a better week, the sun shone every day.  We didn’t go anywhere we just stayed at home and pottered.  Without even trying too hard we managed to tackle a lot of jobs that we’d been meaning to get around to for ages, we also got some jobs done that we hadn’t even begun to think about like cutting and stacking timber.  Goldilocks seemed perfectly happy axe in hand splitting logs sawn by The Man, she’s really getting quite good at this sort of thing – no missing fingers I’m glad to report.  Despite our productivity we did lots of lazing and really just wandering about, on foot, on bike or by canoe, appreciating the beautiful countryside we are so privileged to live in.  Our garden is full of buzzing life and this year peacock butterflies have descended upon us in large numbers, here’s a holiday snap of one on our buddleia below.  During that week it was hard to imagine there could possibly be anything wrong with the world.

I’ve had to pinch myself.  Mankind is still destroying habitats and threatening bio-diversity at an alarming rate.  This summer DEFRA announced it was to make 40% cuts in its budget.  Inevitably wildlife conservation is going to lose funding and the countryside may have to fend for itself – I don’t fancy its chances quite frankly.  There are plans afoot to privatise the Met Office, one of our leading lights in climate change research; we may well witness the private sale of nature reserves, lose vital components of the Forestry Commission, and British Waterways grants will disappear – I expect here we’ll notice that one first.  Spending on flood defences will meanwhile be maintained at a high level, which kind of underlines the short sightedness of sidelining environment issues – if we don’t look after what we have now, we will have to pay out much more in the future.  2010 was the UN’s Year of International Biodiversity  - it will take more than just one year to restore the balance sheets.  Now that sounds creepily familiar.

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1 comment to Pause for Thought

  • I’m in such despair over what our new “government” are doing and the fact that we seem to be lying down and just taking it. They are dismantling everything that is good.

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