Wild Thing!

I’ve been collecting wild raspberries over the past two weekends.  The disused railway track behind our house is covered in them, another little thicket is conveniently located just outside the generator room, although you do have to say ‘excuse me’ to the cows in the field and not freak them out!

Wild raspberries have a fine flavour but when compared with their cultivated cousins (which we still haven’t planted in our garden) they do lack that ‘plump fruit in mouth’ sensation, for alas they are only half to one third the size of a cultivar.  But this is the only disadvantage and as I gathered I mused upon the many advantages of gathering wild fruit. 

I have made absolutely no effort to ensure these delicious fruits have turned up outside my house, nor have I had to part with a single penny.  I have not for one minute worried about whether I’ve staked and tied in correctly or cut back the canes sufficiently to ensure a maximum harvest.  I have not lost sleep fretting about whether they are diseased or not.  I have not felt the need to net them against birds and other wild life.  Other than pinching the fruit, I’ve not intervened in nature’s inclinations in any way, and arguably it intended that something should pinch them.  In terms of energy in/energy out I feel like I’ve done pretty well. 

Other than the ones I nibbled on the way to keep me going most of my horde is now safely in a pot of jam.  I’ve made two batches now, one with a softer set for immediate consumption, generally I prefer slightly runny jam but it doesn’t keep so well, so I made another batch with a firm set which should still be good in the winter months.  I nearly didn’t get my horde home safely, I thought I would drop the lot when I just missed, by centimetres, treading on this quietly curled up grass snake.  It did more than make my heart sing.

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2 comments to Wild Thing!

  • WOW! I am so impressed with this grass snake photo – I’d have been chuffed to see this beastie close up :) Impressed and deeply envious that you got enough wild raspberries for jam – I don’t know of any wild canes near us sadly.

  • goo

    Most people don’t seem to notice the raspberries, I wonder whether they just think they are unripe blackberries? That snake was a beauty, we see them actually swimming in the canal but I’ve never got as close to one as this.

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